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For your organization:
  • Meskin Consulting, Inc. offers strategies that are based on each client's unique organizational drivers. Key talent strategies may include the following:
    • Succession planning to ensure sufficient focus on future leadership and readiness for successors
    • Talent inventory – some have more potential than others. How to identify it, and what do you do with the inventory once you have it.
    • Development and implementation of a talent philosophy being clear with your workforce what you expect, what the success factors are, and how to get there.
  • Other talent strategies may include:
    • Career Pathing
    • Career Development Planning
    • Upgrading Managers' skills and comfort level to be able to:
      • have career conversations with their employees
      • become good coaches and mentors
      • have difficult conversations with their employees

Not sure which strategies are best for your organization, or where to start?
Meskin Consulting, Inc. can conduct an organization audit and provide customized recommendations based on your needs.



If you're short on the bench today, it's the fault of your predecessors. If you're short on the bench in the future, the responsibility is yours."

- Michael M Lombardo
- Robert W. Eichinger
"The Leadership Machine"