Our Services Workforce

For your workforce:
  • Meskin Consulting, Inc. offers:
    • Diagnostic analysis using existing internal data, focus groups, manager interviews and/or
    • Survey of your employee population to measure level of engagement and, more importantly, to identify and prioritize factors that drive engagement
    • Based on customized data from your company’s employees, recommended actions are developed to focus action on boosting engagement and retention
    • Implementation support to successfully drive desired actions
  • Employers have more control than they often realize - know the right actions to take for your organization.
  • Organizations coping with restructuring or economic downturn will gain by learning what it will take to maintain morale and productivity with a determined focus on re-engagement.



"Many managers claim no responsibility for employee engagement and retention. They believe retention is largely about money, perks and benefits - areas where they have little control. We know that is not true. In addition to fair pay, people want
  • Challenging, meaningful work,
  • A chance to learn
    and grow,
  • Great co-workers,
  • Recognition & respect, and
  • A good boss.
- Beverly Kaye,
President and Founder,
Career Systems International Co-Author, Love'm or Lose'em, Getting Good People to Stay